Our business: we have always been innovators
Founded by the entrepreneur Carlo Maffioli, who is now the chairman and leader of the company with his sons Filippo and Tomaso, Promos develops, sells and manages large retail properties and office centers like Shopping Malls, Factory Outlets, Retail Parks, City Style Centers, Multipurpose Facilities or Business Centers.
Promos has been active for thirty years in the sector of Retail Real Estate and its projects currently under way or already completed now occupy more than 430,000 square meters between Italy, China, Poland and Romania.
The retail malls currently managed occupy 150,000 square meters, with 800 brands involved in all the operations. Projects under study and others scheduled to be built in the future will occupy another 150,000 square meters.


The goal of Promos is to acquire real estate areas and assets to optimize through innovative projects, in collaboration with primary groups of retail distribution, banking institutions and investment funds, institutions and private investors interested in valorizing their real estate equity. For every project in its portfolio, Promos establishes a targeted plan of development that goes all the way from the first feasibility studies through the promotion and rental of the individual stores, to the direct investment.
In the last decade, the management division has grown considerably and is structured to optimize the centers of ownership as well as projects of third parties.
Innovation, culture and art are the main drivers of development for the real estate initiatives in which Promos is currently involved.


The development of large planned retail structures has always been the core business of Promos: since the early Nineties, the company has contributed to the development and growth of many projects connected with retail distribution, integrated Shopping Malls and Retail Parks.
Over the years, Promos has been able to transfer and adapt American models to the cultural and geographical context of the Italian peninsula, creating a precedent in which the company distinguished itself for its outstanding performance.
Franciacorta Outlet Village (Brescia) and Palmanova Outlet Village (Udine) are just two of the projects that have contributed to the growth of Promos, taking it to a high share of the market in terms of retail area managed.
The company has shown exceptional skill at the institutional level at well, holding important positions on the Executive Committee and Chairmanship of the Factory Outlets Commission of the National Council of Shopping Centers, and in organizing some of the most important European events sponsored by the International Council of Shopping Centers.
Currently Promos is engaged in the study and concrete development of new retail and distribution formats. The projects that are the outgrowth of this process will have to be able to adapt to the particular characteristics of each of the areas for which they are designed, with the goal of enhancing both the geographical and social fabric in each area.
Scalo Milano, the original City Style Center capable of encompassing the particular cultural, artistic and commercial atmosphere of a natural urban district, is a clear example of the company’s philosophy: representing all the unique characteristics of the sector it offers, for the first time in Italy, a real Design District on its premises and, in addition to its retail vocation, will also high level, exclusive entertainment.


Founder and Chairman of Promos, Carlo Maffioli is a man of strategy.
He was able to perceive and interpret the evolutionary changes of the market and propose, thanks to his entrepreneurial intuition, an innovative modus operandi capable of generating a whole new model of business in the sector. He has cooperated, over the years, with important Italian and international groups on the real estate market, producing concrete projects through his tireless activity and intensely focused labor.
Sustained by his excellent credibility, Carlo Maffioli has also been able to pick valid business and financial partners over the years, capable of playing important supporting roles in his projects for development and fruitful cooperation.
He has always engaged in institutional and social activities as well, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian-Chinese Association “The Lioness and the Dragon”, as a recent example of his commitment to artistic, cultural and educational exchange.


After earning a degree in Law, Filippo Maffioli gained significant experience in China as Legal Advisor for the Boss & Young Patent and Trademark Law Office. In Shanghai, cooperating with the American company Palisoul Co., he managed the promotion of several retail real estate projects before returning to Italy and taking over the position of Sales and Marketing Director at Promos. Speaker and member of the organizing committee for many ICSC events in Europe and the U.S., Filippo Maffioli is President of the Factory Outlet Consulting Committee, President of the School Project Work Group of the Executive Council of the CNCC, the association that unifies all the private and public companies connected in various ways with the Italian retail shopping mall industry. He also teaches the course in “Customer Management and Customer Care” at the Machina Lonati Fashion and Design Institute.
Since 2015 he has held the position of CEO of Promos, with his brother Tomaso.


After earning a degree in Economics and Management of Institutions and Financial Markets at the Bocconi University in Milan, Tomaso Maffioli acquired excellent professional experience in the sector of international investment funds.
He was based in Geneva, and traveled extensively in the U.S., Russia and throughout Europe.
His international experience was functional to his return to Italy to work in the family’s company, where he was occupied full time in project development from 2008, the year of the opening of Palmanova Outlet Village.
Tomaso continues the family tradition of activity in associations and institutions with his commitment to the Compagnia delle Opere of Brescia and the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Industrial Association of Brescia, the body that represents the industrial enterprises of the province and is part of the national Confindustria System.
Since 2015 he has been CEO of Promos, with his brother Filippo.


Promos owes its development and reputation to the vision of Carlo Maffioli and his sons Filippo and Tomaso, but also to the staff that the company has built and consolidated over the years and that now consists of over 50 highly qualified people.
From the outset, the company has always preferred to invest in ambitious young people, selecting them among the university graduates and offering them an exciting career, allowing them to experiment and circulate their ideas and proposals. It has proved a rewarding experience for all concerned!
Alongside this evolving work group, Promos has sought people renowned for their great skill in the professional sectors required: this choice is meant to strengthen a team that will strive to reach ever newer, more ambitious goals.
The constant grown of Promos is the demonstration that for innovative ideas to develop and bear fruit, it is essential to have the support of a motivated staff.