Promos participates in the 2015 edition of Mapic in Cannes with some important news relative to the projects in its portfolio: the presentation of the innovative Design District of Scalo Milano – the original City Style mall occupying 60,000 that will open in less than a year, located at the gates of the Lombard capital – and the announcement of the construction of a new Food Court at Valmontone Outlet, the number one outlet mall in Italy.

Two concrete examples, both as regards the development of new projects and for the equally important activities of management and requalification, that suggest new reference models for the sector and that can contribute significantly to relaunching Italian retail property.

The Design District of Scalo Milano. Inspired by the celebrated design districts of Miami and New York, it will occupy an area of 18,000, with about 40 units devoted to Italian excellences in design and lifestyle. It is a highly innovative distribution models, very attractive for the home and interior design sector, thanks to the ever more desirable synergisms with the other categories of merchandise offered at Scalo Milano (high level fashion and cuisine), as well as the initiatives planned in the educational sector (with the School of Advanced Professional Training Machina Lonati Foundation Fashion and Design Institute) and in the arts (with the project Piazze d’artista developed with Artissima).

Filippo Maffioli, CEO of Promos: “Scalo Milano has now taken shape in all its aspects: the Design District is a concrete demonstration of the ability of the company to put together an advanced retail project, absolutely unique on the Italian market. The Design District took on this role in the most natural way as soon as we realized that we had succeeded in assembling a high level offering, ranging from furniture to decorative accents, featuring the showrooms and brand boutiques of all the great Italian names in interior design and lifestyle”.

Our goal is to create an area of “synthesis” between similar merchandise sectors, in response to a growing awareness among national operators of the need for Italian designers to aggregate systematically in order to conquer new consumer markets. A high-impact architectural setting will recreate the atmosphere of the great international design districts:: the buildings will draw inspiration from the historical image of the factory, presenting it in a modern key, with innovative materials and solutions.

Another important project presented at Mapic 2015 by Promos is the launch of the new Food Court at Valmontone Outlet near Rome, under the management of Promos since 1 January 2015. This will be the first example of a Food Court in an Italian outlet mall. It will occupy an area of 3,000 with 10 business units including cafés, restaurants, pizzerias and fast food franchises, with innovative formats capable of meeting the demands of every segment of the clientele.

Through this new service, Valmontone Village will be able to offers its visitors a high-quality culinary selection with a high level of service, greatly distinguishing it among the other shopping centers in the same catchment area, with the dual goal of increasing the time spent by the visitors at the structure and improving its ability to attract potential new clientele in search of a place to have lunch or dinner.

The Food Court is part of a broader restyling plan for the outlet mall, which will concentrate on three macro areas – property, marketing and trade – and which will be completed between the end of this year and the beginning of next year. It is an investment that can be considered a virtuous example of requalification, the product of the fruitful cooperation between Promos and the ownership of the structure.

Filippo Maffioli adds: “This is a crucial time for the Italian retail sector and particularly for the outlet malls, in which it is essential to invest in the structures in order to continue to attract visitors. The price factor is no longer sufficient to satisfy the ever more demanding consumer, by now accustomed, thanks to the digital and mobile technologies, to making purchases at any time. It is necessary to apply new strategies that enhance the shopping experience and turn the mall into a full-scale destination for leisure time activities and socialization: the Food Court is one of these”.

This news makes Promos a key player on the Italian scene at Cannes, thanks to a renewed corporate identity, stressing the innovative and creative thrust of the Group and highlighting its characteristics of extreme competence and specialization as a developer of  “shopping destinations”.

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