The new Food Court opened today at Valmontone Outlet, the first Italian outlet mall to have one. Designed by L22, it occupies an area of 3,000 and has 7 food service units with brands known nationally and worldwide: Alice Pizza, Burger King, Casa Angelesi, Cono, Kentucky Fried Chicken, La Piadineria, Old Wild West.

The food offering is varied and differentiated, conceived to meet the preferences of every segment of the clientele at any time of day. With its own special entrance, the Food Court will have independent hours with respect to the mall, with closure postponed to 11 pm.

The strategic goal behind the project has a dual focus: on the one hand, to increase the average stay at the mall and, on the other, to attract potential new customers in search of a place to have lunch or dinner, also thanks to the prolonged opening hours.

The opening of this new area devoted to food service represents a continuation of the program to relaunch Valmontone Outlet under the management of Promos, to make the mall even more attractive for shopping at the national level.

The Food Court is part of a vast restyling plan for the Outlet which began in January 2015 and focused on three main areas: property, marketing and trade. A virtuous example of requalification, the product of the advantageous cooperation between Promos and the ownership of the property, the real estate investment fund grundbesitz europa – Alternatives Division of Deutsche Asset Management.

Tomaso Maffioli, CEO of Promos says: “The new Food Court is a clear example of how concrete investments in new formats can effectively relaunch existing structures with high unexpressed potential. This project is the most visible part of the work we have been doing for almost two years, and the results indicate that it is the winning approach: the strategies of promotion and marketing, which we have applied since the outset, are giving the expected results in terms of increased footfall, average expenditure and consequently of overall sales”.

From the beginning of Promos’s management, between renewals and new contracts, over 15,600 have been moved within the structure.

Filippo Maffioli, CEO of Promos comments: “Now more than ever, in particular for outlets, it is fundamental to invest in innovation of the offer mix in order to continue to attract shoppers. The appeal of price alone is no longer sufficient to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele. We therefore try to offer not only a vast number of brands but, in general, a real shopping experience. It is important to use new strategic tactics that can transform the outlet into an effective leisure time destination, and the Food Court is certainly one of these”.

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