Scalo Milano will be a City Style mall, a concept that identifies a new concept in shopping centers, and is expected to become a reference for shopping in Milan, thanks to its excellent physical and cultural integration with the urban fabric of the city. Connected directly to the subway network, with access to the area from the Locate Triulzi stop of the S13 public transport branch line, and thanks to the strong impact of its architectural look, it will be a unique experience for its visitors, who can find there all the excellence of the three most representative worlds of production “Made in Italy”: fashion, food and design at the highest levels.

Just to express in the best possible way the unique spirit of Italian design, a highly innovative architectural framework has been created for Scalo Milano: an urban setting in which the buildings draw their inspiration from the factory, symbol of productivity and icon of Milanese entrepreneurship in the past century, presenting it in a modern key. The idea is to make Scalo Milano a “district of international creativity” where the streets are animated by installations and works of art, and the plazas turn into stages for events. The project was developed by the architects of the Metrogramma studio, which is in charge of the artistic design of the façades and urban decor, and the Cotefa studio, which handled the structural layout.

Filippo Maffioli, Sales and Marketing Director di Promos, comments:At Scalo Milano the language is contemporary, innovative, international. This new business concept which we define as “City Style”, is one in which Italian excellence takes the spotlight in a winning combination, where the merchandise mix and the architectural image merge into a unified image that speaks the language of Milan and Italian style. The goal is to create a place that is familiar and unique at the same time, in which the excellence of the products offered in the worlds of Fashion, Food and Design, combines with the innovation and creativity of the setting, giving the visitors a complete experience

The atmosphere of Scalo Milano will be presented in a preview at the location of via Savona 43, with a structure created by the designer and artist Sergio Perrero inspired by the materials and new architectural shapes of the project, as well as by its visual identity, through a path depicting an imaginary breakdown of the elements that compose it.

During the evenings by invitation, on April 8 and 9, chef Theo Penati of the starred PenatiRestaurant will delight the guests with his specialties and his “Meetings of Taste”: informal conversations about responsible nutrition. The evenings of April 10 and 11 will offer a more casual atmosphere, with happy hour and dj set.

The Promos Group has chosen the Tortona Design Week as the setting of Scalo Milano for the second year in a row because the event reflects the elements that make up the new City Style: style, excellence and innovation.

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