The designer Sergio Perrero, artistic director of the exhibition space, has created a stand that will involve the visitors in a sort of “worksite” – the site of the project that will get under way soon – where specialized workshops and meetings with renowned chefs will take place. The topic of fine food and wines is particularly important for Scalo Milano, where numerous high level experts in the Italian food culture will be present.

After the participation at the Fuorisalone 2014 during the furniture fair, the promotion of Scalo Milano continues in unusual venues using highly innovative methods, with the aim of valorizing the distinctive characteristics that make it unique in the sector of reference: the ability to combine the three excellences of products Made in Italy (fashion, food and design) and promote its values, knowledge and skills, as well as the strategic position with respect to Milan, and its cultural and urban integration with the fabric of the city; the ability to offer its visitors a complete experience in an ordinary place that is extraordinary at the same time.

Filippo Maffioli, Sales and Marketing Director of Promos, has said:
“With the participation at the International Book Fair in Turin we renew our interest in the most significant cultural initiatives. Scalo Milano itself will be a place devoted to aggregation and culture. It will offer a schedule of events capable of involving the visitors emotionally and offering them new stimuli for their leisure time, but it will also offer a permanent home to a School of Advanced Training and seven artistic plazas, with exhibitions of contemporary art.
At the same time, the Casa CookBook setting is a great opportunity for us to promote Scalo Milano as an important player on the scene of Italian food and wine, a shopping center of primary importance in defining the identity of the project. As we have done in the past, we will then continue to select and support different and qualified opportunities for a close-up view of each of the three souls of Scalo Milano, and this will enable us to approach the world and value of each of them in an authentic, innovative way.”

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