Promos, with the president Carlo Maffioli, introduced an important news in Scalo Milano: a Workshop of Knowledge and Creativity, the specialized training school located on the premises of the new shopping destination.

The Workshop will house a permanent school of advanced training, a branch of the Machina Lonati High Technical Institute that will offer courses of professional training for high-school graduates in the sector of Store Management. The school will be an interesting opportunity for the businesses operating at the mall, in search of qualified personnel for their stores. The course, which is recognized within the European Qualification Framework (EQF), is structured to train experts in various sectors, highly trained professionals with special skills in the sector of international retail and distribution.The area of the Workshop will also house a co-working area accessible to the students and tenants alike, where it will be possible to experiment with innovations in the retail and marketing sector, and where additional training services will be offered, complementary to those offered by the school.

Filippo Maffioli, CEO of Promos, comments: “Consumers are more and more cosmopolitan nowadays; they are more informed and attentive to the latest trends. The retail world cannot ignore this important change and must offer a high level service. It is important, therefore, for the operators to be able to count on skilled sales personnel capable of recognizing and even anticipating the customers’ needs. We have decided to make Scalo Milano a regular workshop of excellence and innovation, and the school is the outcome of that choice. We believe that professional training is a fundamental key to guaranteeing a service of quality, in line with the best international standards”.

The course for Experts in Store Management will give the students thorough knowledge of the main organization models, management and marketing skills and techniques for the use of the most sophisticated technologies of store management and e-commerce. The main professional outlets are: Store Manager, Sales Personnel, Sales Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Business Development Expert, Retail Manager, Trade Marketing Manager, Retailing Manager, Buyer, E-Commerce Manager, Customer Care Manager, Event Manager, Marketing Manager, Public Relations and Advertising Manager.

The course consists of four semesters for a total of 1,700 hours divided between theoretical lessons, practical experience and workshop. 30% of the hours are given over to mandatory internship activities. At least 50% of the teaching staff comes from the professional world with specific professional experience in the sector of large chain distribution, independent retail, commercial real estate, marketing and advertising. The final title awarded at the end of the course is that of Expert in Store Management, and requires a final examination of the skills acquired, carried out by a specially appointed examining committee of experts drawn from the school, the university, professional training and expert in the world of work. Every class will be made up of 25 students and places will be assigned on the basis of the score obtained in the admission test. The requisites for application are possession of the high school diploma, IT skills and good knowledge of English. More information on admission to the courses will be available in the coming months on the websites of the Machina Lonati ITS Foundation and Scalo Milano.

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