Promos believes that art, culture and education are three sectors that need to be cultivated from within, as well as distinctive traits of the structures created and promoted by the company to differentiate its offering on the competitive scene.
Art becomes a vehicle of attention toward the visitors and a method of qualification of an area, offering site-specific operations that involve the end users through actions of public art, installations or selected exhibition zones.
The creation of cultural events arises from the need to offer the visitors another element that makes the visit a rewarding experience: the discovery of distant cultures, photographic reports of travel or focus on the peculiarities of Italy: all these can become an integral part of the offering and are only a few examples of how we can create synergisms between tourist flows and the town centers.
Education is concretely represented by trade schools, technical schools and sectorial training centers, within the City Style concept. The choice consists of investing in the development of professional experts with the goal of enhancing the qualities of friendliness and customer care.