A high level offering
The dynamism of Promos, with its vast experience and knowledge in the field of Retail Real Estate, is expressed in its ability to manage a project as a whole, or to handle specific segments of the process.
Continuous attention to emerging trends, a diversified search for unusual merchandise sectors and the willingness to listen to the demands of the end customers have enabled Promos to achieve distinction for a clearly innovative spirit.

Development and Promotion

• Search and evaluation of strategic areas of qualified properties for conversion
• Competitive analysis and studies of the potential market
• Definition of the trade format to develop and determination of the appropriate merchandise mix
• Economic and financial feasibility study
• Obtaining building and trade permits
• Arranging for project studies and contracting construction activities


• Pre-opening management
• Legal files management, regulations, statutes and contracts draft
• Accounting and administrative management
• Pilotage and project management
• Building guidance
• Technical services, common area and temporary leases management
• Statistical surveys, market researches and mistery shopping activities

Leasing and Marketing

• Marketing, advertising, events and visual merchandising
• Commercial units Tenants/Buyers identification, coherently with fixed merchandising mix plans
• B2B Marketing plans arrangement and implementation, in order to support the leasing process
• One-to-one projects presentation
• Economic negotiation
• Commercial agreements contractual formalization
• Tenants/Buyers Assistance for points of sale’s opening